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Our ZA team of experts have extensive experience advising throughout Africa, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Paired with our trusted relationships to investors, government leaders, business decision- makers, diplomats, and other stakeholders, we specialize in developing cross-sector synergies to actualize your needs.

To advance our approach of unifying sector-specific advocacy with economic and policy development, we have forged relationships with direct suppliers, service providers, and intermediary entities to provide a range of tailored solutions for your goals.

We provide specialized services in the following sectors:

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Zaza Advisors and our partners have expertise in meeting infrastructure needs through business and financing solutions. Our partners’ portfolios for project design and implementation include roads, bridges, railroads and airport development. We also work with state-of-the-art and affordable housing, including residential campuses and secure single-unit solutions.


We advance domestic and international projects in the areas of:

●       Housing and residential campuses

●       Construction of hospitals, schools, and urban venues

●       Engineering highway, roads, and bridges

●       City planning and community development

●       Designing and facilitating public transportation

Sustainable Energy


Zaza Advisors and our partners have years of experience energy services. With expertise in planning, analysis, engineering, construction, installation, and on-site training, we can offer custom suites of energy solutions tailored to country-level or business-specific requirements.


Our areas of specialty include:


Power Generation:

ZA partners design, construct and deliver turnkey power generation infrastructure projects.  Depending on project needs, we can also supply emergency power solutions and equipment, as well as training and certification of staff on-site.


Energy Exploration and Production:

Our team has experience planning and financing partnerships for efficient and sustainable energy solutions in the form of hydroelectricity, wind turbines, solar energy, and more. We can also arrange analysis, planning, and consulting on sustainable energy solutions and equipment. While relying on an eye towards sustainability, we also can facilitate interim solutions for hydrocarbon (oil & gas) exploration, development, and processing.


Transmission Line and Electrical Sub-Station Provisioning:

Our partners deliver planning, engineering, and construction of electrical transmission and distribution systems and sub-stations. Our portfolio includes the design and installation of electrical lines, electrical sub-stations, generators, and power transformers for electrical transmission.

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line


Our partners work with elite engineers and contract specialists to help restructure the oil and gas sector arrangements - from burner tip calibration to specialty gas, shipping, contracts, and sales. We work with specialists in project management, project development, energy transaction structuring, and contract negotiations. With extensive knowledge of crude oil, Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG”) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (“LPG”) industries, as well as pipeline transportation, trading, and distribution of petroleum products our partners can advise you on numerous commercial matters in the sector.

Our partners’ specialties including negotiating the purchase and sale of Oil/LNG/LPG, terminal use agreements, vessel charter agreements, and share purchase agreements.  Our partners’ principals have also developed and managed both upstream and downstream projects and have a comprehensive knowledge of issues which impact commercial negotiations throughout the energy value chain.
Based on your needs, our partners can conduct assessments, due diligence analyses, and strategize new systems to efficiently monetize resources. From planning to implementation in the oil and gas sector, we can make your resources work for you.

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With a full range of services and products, ZA and its highly regarded international partners help ensure that location and personnel are secure before any project gets off the ground. We have joined forces with Amsell Group Ltd and GMEA Group to offer a variety of ZA security, defense products, and training programs. Well-established, multinational organizations, Amsell and GMEA are experienced in working with the most innovative defense manufacturers to implement complete security solutions for governments, companies, and individuals worldwide. Together, we can address all national, local, or commercial security needs, from armored vehicles and VIP protection to data forensics and tactical communication. Our comprehensive security support services and products include military-grade uniforms, equipment and components, site and vehicle security, and surveillance and communication systems. We also have a roster of well-equipped partners with whom we can shape service portfolios to meet any additional security needs.


Our Products and Services Include:


Securing Sites, Protecting People – Before combatting external threats, internal personnel and places must be protected.  Whether reinforcing existing facilities or building from the ground up, ZA Security and its partners can secure any location and construct a layer of impenetrability for any site. We also offer comprehensive protection services for individuals and groups. From logistics and event planning to security details and VIP transport, ZA Security keeps your people safe.


• Securing and equipping vital government sites

• New building supervision and planning

• Espionage countermeasures: Sweeps, audits, and prevention

• Border control, biometric registration, and epidemic control systems

• VIP protection and transport


Operation and Command Centers – In today’s world of fast-moving disease epidemics and continuously evolving terrorist threats, it pays to have a single, integrated location for all intelligence gathering and management to stay a step ahead of dangers. ZA Security and its partners can build and equip state-of-the-art command and control centers to provide complete situational awareness and real-time intelligence monitoring for national or private clients.  We also offer the operator training and continuous support to maximize the value of an integrated command location.


• System-wide surveillance solutions and intelligence systems

• Secure data transfers between operators and headquarters

• Centralized control of video, audio, tracking, and other surveillance equipment

• Integrated covert and counter-terrorist surveillance systems

• Satellite interception, geolocation tracking, media mining, and tactical surveillance in a central location


Cyber Security - ZA Security has partnered with some of the top cyber experts in the world to address multifaceted cyber strategies solving today's cyber challenges and furthering today's cyber technologies.


• Cyber Strategies

• Network Defense

• Cyber technology solutions

• Cyber training programs


Aviation Services – With full-service capabilities ZA security and its partners excel at providing a complete range of aviation products.


• Sales and leasing

• Business and VIP travel

• Group charter

• Cargo and freight solutions


Surveillance Systems and Services – The best way to outmaneuver a threat is to know more than it does.  ZA Security and its partners can build intelligence capabilities from the ground up or help improve existing capabilities. With a full suite of surveillance options to choose from, ZA Security has the tools to detect and track any danger.


• Tactical communication and monitoring systems

• Computer forensic extraction and analysis

• Active and passive lawful interception

• Fully customized surveillance vehicles

• Tracking systems

• Biometric facial recognition


Equipment and Training – Our partners can meet all your security equipment & training needs, from military uniforms and high-tech fabrics manufacturing to unsurpassed sources for defense products. In conjunction with our partners, we provide training and instruction on everything that defense and or security forces need to confidently address global threats.  Our experts have experience building and training elite units around the world.


• Defense and security training services

• Forensic DNA extraction training

• Intelligence analysis and training

• Instructing on data recovery and forensics

• IT threats countermeasures and preparation



Beyond our core competencies, ZA has an extended network of partners who can provide systematic healthcare services and infrastructure creation. Depending on your needs, we can counsel on governmental healthcare policy, design comprehensive healthcare financing solutions and flagship projects, hospital construction, and many other facets of the field. We also offer liaisons with integrated healthcare tech solutions for smart, improved service provision for a healthier tomorrow.

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