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We are the consultants that care for change.

Zaza Advisors counsels governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations with nuanced strategies to achieve your economic, political, and diplomatic aims. We base our global strategic planning process around intense advocacy efforts paired with exceptional flagship projects that unify the economic, political, and diplomatic spheres to achieve the best outcomes for your priorities. Throughout the signature ZA approach of advocacy and economic growth facilitation, we adhere to humanitarian and development principles to ensure a sustainable approach to achieving your goals.

ZA partners provide a global consortium of experts with decades of experience advising national governments and other stakeholders on economic diversification strategies, international cooperation arrangements, public-private partnerships, humanitarian assistance delivery, and private sector investment.

Through long-term engagements around the world, we maintain a diverse network of political and commercial partners with specializations in a variety of sectors, including large-scale infrastructure investment, government relations, technological innovation, and more.
Our principals and partners help you to achieve your goals by shaping nuanced guidance for designing flagship projects and strategies, acquiring sustainable funding, and engaging technical assistance to ensure success. We specialize in: 

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